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Whether this is the first exposure to golf or you're looking to take your child's game to the next level, we have a program to fit your needs. TJGA has developed a Junior Golf Player Pathway to help guide families through the journey of learning and playing this amazing sport.

The pathway consists of four core TJGA programs which are progressive in their skill level, knowledge requirements and challenges; yet also complimentary to one another so children can participate in all programs throughout the year to continue developing and refining their game.

The common entry points for new players are through our instruction-based golf programs and camps before moving on to our Junior Tour and Leagues which focus on gaining on-course experience in a low-pressure setting.

Teaching kids to play the game of golf is as rewarding for the teachers as it is the students. Together we have fun learning about the game and about ourselves.

We have golf programs throughout most of the year designed for juniors of all ages and abilities. We want to see your kids learn to enjoy the game more and also play better, so in turn your family may spend more time together on the golf course. Our programs are structured around age levels and then broken down to ability levels-- this allows for a comfortable learning experience. The junior golf clinics are built around topics of specific aspects of the game and include drills and games. And of course, we offer individual lessons and family lessons (up to 4 kids in a session). Whether your son or daughter is a beginner, novice, or trying to make their school team, we have the junior golf programs, the facilities, and the instructors to teach them.

A positive learning environment created by the TJGA Staff and catered to your junior golfer is mandatory. Whether your junior is brand new to the game or has aspirations of becoming a tour player, at TJGA our key to success is FUN in a safe and effective learning environment. Our staff offers a multitude of diverse teaching backgrounds and playing experience to guide your junior golfer.


  • Learn from the best. Classes are led by a professional who knows how to balance both fun and skill development.
  • Fun, safe and educational.  Full of action, discipline and integrity, each class has been designed to help your child grow both on and off the golf course.
  • From tee to green.  Participants learn every aspect of the game, including instruction on the full swing, short game, rules of the game and golf etiquitte.
  • A lifetime of learning.  Our curriculum encourages skill progression by coupling instruction with games and play opportunities.

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