Junior Golf Tour

The Tuscaloosa Junior Golf Academy is operating a Junior Tour in our area. We are looking to provide aspiring junior golfers an opportunity to develop their tournament skills and enjoy a quality tournament atmosphere. This will also help each player enhance his/her skills in tournament golf and learn the finer points of the USGA Rules of Golf under competitive conditions. In addition, it will allow young people the chance to take their respective games to a higher level and enhance their golf resume. Lastly, this has the potential to highlight junior golfers’ achievements to colleges, tournament sponsors, and local and national media.

In the 2023 summer season, we will be holding eight events at four different locations in Tuscaloosa County. We are offering this opportunity to all players ages 10-18 and will divide them into five junior divisions.

Come join us and help us solidify and build a strong foundation for the future of junior golf in West Alabama. For more information on the Tuscaloosa Junior Tour, please contact Clay Tyler or stop by Ol’ Colony Golf Club located at 401 Old Colony Road.

Points scale

1st        30

2nd       20

3rd        15

4th        12

5th        10

6th        8

7th        6

8th        4

9th        2

10th     1


How do I enter?

  • Complete the Junior Tour Entry Application by following the guidelines below.  Return your completed form to Ol’ Colony Golf Club.

What is the cost?

  • The cost for the Junior Tour membership will be $50 (one-time registration fee) and $20 (green fee) for each tournament you enter.

    Registration fee will be waived for all 2022 TJGA participants. 

  • Please make checks out to Tuscaloosa Junior Golf Academy.



12 & Under:                           9 holes

15 & Under:                           18 holes

18 & Under:                           18 holes


15 & Under:                           9 holes

18 & Under:                           18 holes

All contests are stroke play.  Tee times will begin at posted time.  Awards will be given for the champion and runner-up for each division.  Age on the day of the event determines division.  When capable, players are encouraged to play in an older age group, with permission from the Junior Tour Director.  All divisions will accumulate points throughout the season to determine a “Tour Champion.”


The deadline for tournament entries/withdrawals is 5:00 p.m., two days before the event.  Tee times will be emailed to address listed shortly thereafter.  Any attempt to enter a tournament after the deadline will require permission from the Junior Tour Director.  Refunds for withdrawals will not be given after the deadline.


Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend tournaments.  Rules for spectators are as follows:

  1. Spectators are required to stay on the cart paths and at least 15 yards away from the players.
  2. Spectators are allowed to carry water, umbrellas, jackets, towels, and food for the players.
  3. Spectators are not allowed to give advice to the players.
  4. Cell phones must be turned on silent.
  5. Range ball and spectator cart rental procedure will be determined by the host facility.

Players are responsible for the actions of their spectators, and are subject to penalty per USGA rules.


All players are expected to maintain the golf course by replacing divots, repairing pitch marks, raking bunkers, etc.  Any abuse to the golf course or other club facilities will result in immediate disqualification.  All players and parents are also encouraged to thank the host club and volunteers for their support of the Junior Tour.


The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited during play of any Junior Tour event.  The penalty for the first violation will be two strokes for the player.  The second violation will result in disqualification.


Rules violations will be determined by the tournament officials and handled as prescribed by the USGA Rules of Golf and Junior Tour Director.  If you are suspected of cheating, measures will be taken to monitor your score during future Junior Tour events.  If a player suspects another of cheating or violating a rule of golf,  the player should seek a Rules Official as soon as possible to handle the situation.  Cheating is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification from the Junior Tour with no refund.


These devices will be allowed in Junior Tour events.  A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  If a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect play (gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used.  Yardage obtained from these devices may be shared with fellow competitors and is not deemed to be advice.


Proper golf attire is required.  Collared shirts will be required at all times when at any event site.  No cutoffs, jeans or jean shorts, tank tops, or gym shorts will be permitted.  Hats must be worn with the bill facing the front.  Metal spikes are not permitted.  Players may wear shoes with non-metal spikes or tennis shoes.


Caddies are not permitted.  Contestants must carry their own bag or use a pull cart.  Outside advice is not allowed during competition play.  Penalty is disqualification.