Ages 6-8 year olds

Participants at this level will be given the basic understanding of putting, chipping, pitching, and the full swing. This will consist of an engaging, fun, interactive group play, game play and challenges

Game concepts: taught through game play and challenges
Basic understanding of: grip, stance, posture, ball position
Basic understanding of: putting, chipping, pitching, full swing
Basic etiquette: marking a ball, fixing divots and repairing ball marks, order of play

Beginner Class

Ages 8-17

The beginner level will progress to a more detailed instruction of golf fundamentals and etiquette. These fundamentals will include the grip, stance, posture & alignment, distance control, rotation and weight transfer. This skill level will also be introduced to short course play, basic etiquette, order of play and taking care of the course.

  • Putting, chipping & pitching: grip, stance, posture & alignment, ball position, distance control
  • Swing fundamentals (irons): grip, stance, posture & alignment, weight transfer, follow through
  • Driving: stance, posture & alignment, ball position, tee height, rotation and turn
  • Short course play and etiquette: putting skills to use on the course and learning procedure of play

Intermediate Class

Ages 10-17


  • working knowledge of the game
  • independently played 6 rounds of golf (9 or 18 holes)
  • a desire to play competitively (junior tours, middle school or high school)

The intermediate level will be introduced to the main golf course and develop course management skills. This skill level will learn the concepts of green reading, trajectory and roll, swing path and plane, angle of attack and launch angle.

  • Putting: stance, posture & alignment, ball position, stroke, distance control, green reading
  • Chipping & Pitching: grip, stance, posture & alignment, ball position, distance control, club selection, trajectory and roll
  • Swing (irons): grip, stance, posture & alignment, weight transfer, follow through, rotation and spine angle, swing path and plane
  • Fairway woods/Hybrids: stance, posture & alignment, shoulder turn, ball position, follow through
  • Driving: stance, posture & alignment, ball position, tee height, rotation and turn, angle of attack and launch angle
  • Main course play and etiquette

Advanced Class

Ages 12-17


  • minimum age of 12
  • played at least 6 competitive rounds of golf
  • established USGA Handicap
  • intentions of playing golf at a higher level

The advanced level will be given knowledge of the physical skills necessary to shoot low scores. They will develop feel, rhythm, and a pre-shot routine. They will understand the ball flight laws and shaping shots. They will learn to increase club head speed and distance. The participants will learn how and when to play various short game shots. They will also learn how to deal with uneven lies. This class is for players with intentions of playing competitive golf at a higher level.

  • Putting: timing, tempo & rhythm, green reading, understand grain & why it's important, putting routine
  • Chipping & Pitching: club selection, trajectory and roll, back spin, flop shot
  • Approach shot lesson: 30, 50, 70 yard shot; feel and pre-shot routine
  • Sand Play: green side and fairway
  • Swing (Irons): observe and feel the swing path and plane; angle of attack and impact; develop a pre-shot routine
  • Driving: increasing club head speed and distance
  • Main course play and etiquette: course management